August 22, 2022

There are several factors that decide what your budget should be when you’re in the market for a new garage door. The cost range for garage doors usually starts from $1200 and goes up all the way to $10,000+. The main factor that determines the cost of a garage door is the type of material used to build the garage door panels.


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Typically, garage door panels are made from steel, fiberglass, aluminum, glass, and wood. Fiberglass and aluminum are the most premium materials that are used in the construction of garage door panels.

Fiberglass doors are valued for their rust and damage resistance, they are also highly customizable. Many fiberglass doors can be coated in a finish that gives it the appearance of a hardwood door. Choosing a fiberglass garage door is a worthwhile investment as it will not shrink, warp or crack over time. 

As an alternative to fiberglass, aluminum also boasts a significant degree of rust resistance. However, due to the lightweight nature of aluminum garage door panels, they are more prone to dents despite being naturally resistant to physical damage. 

Ultimately, steel and wood garage door panels are the most economical choice. 

Wood garage door panels are highly customizable. When it comes to aspects such as colour and size, there are several options available when choosing a wooden garage door panel. However, they tend to be more expensive due to their need for maintenance. Extreme temperatures can cause wooden garage door panels to become deformed or otherwise rot. 

Steel garage door panels are less expensive than wooden ones. While steel doors won’t warp or chip in extreme temperatures, the economic savings you get from choosing steel garage doors come at the risk of lower dent resistance. Compared to wood garage door panels, steel garage doors are more prone to dents. 


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Aside from the panels, there are several other factors that contribute to the overall cost of a garage door. For example, if you’re looking to reduce your garage door’s noise level, choosing covered vinyl rollers with real ball bearings will provide you with maximum noise reduction and durability. 

Max-cycle, powder-coated high torsion springs are another example of premium hardware that will increase the overall cost of your garage door. Torsion springs assist the garage door motor in lifting and opening the garage door panel. Compared to extension springs, this type of torsion spring has a significantly higher cycle life, resulting in less maintenance. 


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Perhaps the most important and least expensive factor is to have your garage door installed by a factory-trained and certified garage door technician from a reputable company that will stand by their work and provides you with warranties that exceed the manufacturer’s standards. Nearly 70% of the manufacturing process of a garage door is completed on-site by your installer. Each installation is unique and can provide different challenges. At Canadoor Garage Doors, our skilled and certified garage door technicians will create a long-lasting and trouble-free garage door installation.

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