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avante garage doors on home | Top Garage Door Trends for 2022

Top Garage Door Trends for 2022

When someone pulls up to your home, one of the first things they notice is your garage door because it makes up such a large portion of your house. If you’re wondering how best to update the look and feel [...]
Modern, wood look with slat windows, garage door in a modern looking home | How To Choose A Garage Door

How To Choose A Garage Door

Looking for a new garage door for your home? We understand the importance of finding a stylish looking garage door that has great insulation and durable construction. There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a new garage [...]
Hand using a microfibre cloth to clean garage door | Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Is your garage door not opening properly, making strange noises, or looking grimey? If so, we have some helpful garage door maintenance tips for you to help your garage door function well and look its best. Perform An Inspection We [...]
Three car garage doors- beautiful home with wood composite doors

Garage Door Materials & Styles

Garage doors make up a significant part of your home’s exterior. As a homeowner, you want to create a good first impression, and the type of garage door you choose is key. How to choose the right door can be [...]
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