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Using revolutionary systems analytics and advanced diagnostics, we will examine the performance of all door systems and deliver the right skills, right parts, and correct materials on time, every time. Our Canadoor asset management technology performs analyses, generates reports, and provides information on trends, deviations, and replacement opportunities. This proactive approach to overhead door and loading dock maintenance delivers the analytics and problem-solving capabilities to address potential issues before they disrupt business operations and incur additional expenses. Like having a team of technicians keeping watch over the facility around the clock - allowing less time spent on problems and more time on business.

Look for Light Use Commercial Doors?
Consider Residential!

We have a wide variety of durable residential garage doors suitable for light use commercial / retail applications

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We manage our best-in-class services out of our Canadoor work order management system, a part of the Canadoor National Service Organization. A dedicated Customer Support Team, comprised of skilled professionals with deep industry experience, ensures a high level of quality control and customer satisfaction.

Canadoor offers Asset Management Services in a way that best fits the operations and management plan. For example, choose to have a technician on-site at all times. Alternatively, opt for our unique on-demand mobile service, delivered using door professionals, saving time and money in the process. Whether the service ticket is automatically generated through an alarm, or by customer request, qualified service personnel are dispatched and quickly on site. We can even tailor our services to use both on-site and mobile delivery if that best fits the organization.

After the service call is complete, our field supervisory team conducts a quality control/quality assurance review. They will verify all completed work complies with customer specifications.

Before we close any work order, we provide a full report to ensure complete satisfaction. 
A process that begins and ends with, the customer.

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