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Commercial Door and Loading Dock Maintenance 

Planned Maintenance Programs 

Many organizations do not include door or dock systems in their safety programs. However, there are good reasons to do so. Look around; overhead doors are everywhere. However, despite this, they are almost always overlooked as safety hazards, even in organizations with excellent safety programs. This oversight can have catastrophic consequences as commercial overhead doors and loading docks are massive, dynamic, and often operate where there is pedestrian traffic. Each year, there are far too many examples of avoidable “struck by” and “crushing” incidents involving overhead doors and loading dock equipment.

Why Pay Attention to Door Systems?

To keep them operating correctly and safely most commercial doors have small, inexpensive components such as cables, hinges, bearings, and rollers that need regular maintenance and replacement. Neglecting small problems can cause doors to become prone to failure, and sometimes dangerous. Also, many commercial overhead doors have motorized, electric operators that close the door automatically or semi-automatically. We equip automatic doors with appropriate entrapment devices. (e.g., photo-eyes or sensing edge) Entrapment devices reverse the door’s direction should it encounter an obstruction while closing.

Why pay attention to loading dock equipment?

The efficient flow of products in and out of facilities is critical in today’s highly competitive world. Today’s workplace will not tolerate unsafe work practices. Planners must ensure that the loading dock area is not just efficient, but also safe. We will perform operational tests, check fluid levels for hydraulic systems and perform inspections to keep your dock levellers in working order by fixing small problems before they become hazards.

What is the SafeDoor PM Portal?

Customer Portal Quick Start Guide

The Customer Portal is Canadoor's cloud application that provides the door owner, with comprehensive, no-hassle record-keeping for all door systems enrolled in SafedoorPM. In the Customer Portal, view all posted PM inspection records, including grades, notes, and photographs, as well as the work instructions provided by Manufacturers.

How to get access?

A Canadoor team member will send an invitation via email to join the Customer Portal. After receiving the email, accept the request, and set a password (your user name is your email address). Then a second email will be delivered to activate the Customer Portal account, log in to the Customer Portal by going to from any computer with an internet connection and clicking on the green PORTAL LOGIN button at the top right.

Need Printed Reports These are available at the click of a button
  •  PM Inspection - Details of PM inspection and service work
  •  Building - Details - Building and customer details.
  • Building - Doors Summary - SafedoorPM status of all of the building’s door systems.
  • Building - Follow-Up Work - Required and suggested follow-up service work for all of the building’s door systems.
  • Building - Doors PM * Schedule - PM schedule for all of the building’s door systems.
  • Building - Batch Print PM Inspections - All of the latest PM inspection reports for all of the building’s door systems.

Canadoor's PM compliance means the right door components have been inspected and maintained to the correct standards at the proper intervals.

In SafedoorPM, "right" means manufacturers' specifications and industry standards, because these are the standards that matter for safety compliance and door reliability. SafeDoor PM provides this information in the Technician's Mobile app, Dealer Portal at our office, and the Customer Portal.

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