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Canadoor Door Systems has completed projects in numerous applications. Agricultural, manufacturing, commercial, industrial, and recreational facilities to name are the bulk of our work. More specifically, we have completed projects in malls, atriums, auditoriums, barns, hockey rinks, gymnasiums, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centres, hangars, pools, garages, lobbies, and more.

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Axiom Fans 

Axiom Fans stress the strength of feeling comfortable. An attractive fan, completely customizable in appearance that makes the desired - achievable. A fan, explicitly designed to move air with a non-disruptive, yet continually compelling flow. A Fan, Like No Other.From showrooms to restaurants & atriums to office spaces, the Axiom Fan’s creative touch of ambiance enhances the comforts & aesthetics of each area.

Axiom Fan's Unique Blade Design

Traditional airfoils (or blades) are linear in design and produce higher noise at a particular frequency. Using varying points on the leading edge of the blade spreads the sound or acoustic signature over a more excellent range of frequencies, virtually eliminating any noise.As a fan rotates, the tip of a blade spins faster than the fixed point or 'centre' creating pockets of minimal air movement directly underneath the fan. The Axiom Fan blade design tackles this challenge with a varying degree angle of attack, never before seen in our industry. Ranging from 6° (tip) to 14° at its highest point, the Axiom Fan diminishes the resistance against each blade maximizing air movement and minimizing power consumption.

Altra-Air Sailfin Fan  

Altra-Air Sailfin HVLS fans blanket a vast area with always moving air to create an expansive comfort zone. As a result, this massive ceiling fan can create an evaporative cooling effect of 3 to 4 degrees Celsius throughout the facility.

High Volume Low-Speed Fans

The Sailfin Blade Design is a massive evolutionary step towards our most advanced airfoil yet capable of producing a 6mph breeze.The Sailfin AdvantageAirfoils do not change. Except with Envira-North Systems. Since 2003, they have continually searched, tested, and modified airfoils to maximize their efficiency – solely to move large volumes of air at low speeds. Here is what we have achieved:

  • Increased airspeeds.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Decreased noise.
  • Streamlined appearance.

Sailfin represents everything users want in an HVLS Fan, it looks nice, moves a ton of air and consumes very little energy!


Agricultural Facilities

Our dairy fan provides cow cooling and bovine inspiration for dairy barn cooling. Third-party studies on dairy fans have shown that agriculture fans lower the temperatures in dairy barns by 6 – 8 degrees — the cow cooling results in proven increased milk production.

Utilizing the Altra-Air fan for cow cooling also creates energy savings and bovine inspiration. The Altra-Air fan also qualifies for several incentives to help offset the initial purchase of the agriculture fan. The Altra-Air fan is beneficial for other livestock facilities as well. Poultry houses and riding areas are excellent applications for the agriculture fan. Be sure to contact us to find out if how to qualify for incentives.

Manufacturing Facilities

Our industrial fans provide effective destratification to a manufacturing facility with high ceilings. Our industrial ceiling fan disturbs the air enough to prevent it from becoming stratified inside a manufacturing facility.

Our industrial ceiling fans range in size from 8 to 24 feet in diameter and can cover an area up to 230 feet in diameter. Destratification allows for lower temperature set points and increased energy savings. We achieve energy-saving by eliminating large numbers of smaller industrial fans usually present in a manufacturing facility. Our industrials fan is designed to create energy savings and improve employee comfort.

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In most significant buildings, heaters are mounted overhead to not interfere with space. Creating a heat gradient differential of 10 - 20 degrees Fahrenheit from floor to ceiling.

Because heat rises, a situation called 'stratification' occurs. The heaters are now heating the top 2/3 of the building, working overtime to force heat down to the floor and at thermostat level.

By thoroughly mixing the air, our fan family can virtually eliminate the temperature differential (or de-stratify) between the ceiling and the floor. Thermostat settings can be reduced without any loss of comfort, resulting in a reduction in heating costs.


Our fan family provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative to cooling environments where air conditioning is not feasible or can be unhealthy. Especially true when non-disruptive cooling is desirable to improve comfort for the interior environment.

The fans do not cool the air. They work as an occupant cooling system. When sweat evaporates off the body, it feels cold because evaporation moves body heat away from the body. The fans also reduce humidity, which adds to the feeling of comfort.

Alternatively, our fan family can work in conjunction with air-conditioned spaces. Operating the fans on slow speeds creates an always moving mass of air inside the area. This limits allows for a higher temperature set point and reduces compressor run time.

Hurricane™ Turbines provide relief and prevent the build-up of hot, stale air inside the building.


Envira-North fans and Hurricane™ Turbines work in conjunction to provide ideal and efficient ventilation. Our fans continuously mix incoming fresh air with stale air, minimizing the total amount of ventilation required to achieve adequate air quality.

Hurricane™ Turbines provide relief of the stale air remaining inside the building envelope and allow for fresh air to be brought in naturally through open doors, windows, and louvres. A naturally ventilated building makes for a comfortable environment and lower utility costs.


Our products and systems at Canadoor focus around three significant benefits:

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing overhead costs
  • Social benefits from a healthier and more productive working environment.

To determine cost savings is not easily accomplished, considering the variables included in the three significant benefits.


The environment is at the forefront around the world. Governments and companies have taken action to reduce waste and encourage energy efficiency. The public perception of a company plays an integral part in their business.


The economic benefits are still what motivates managers to purchase our products. To better understand the potential savings, it is best to analyze the variables. Take into consideration the size and height of the space, R-values of roof and walls, temperature setpoint, delta temperature, exhaust rates, number of heating days, efficiency of heaters and the cost of heating.


Our technologies make for a more comfortable interior environment for the occupants of the structure. When the occupants of the structure are healthy, they are more productive. Our products have been able to eliminate excessive heat breaks during the summer months and decrease the number of days lost to heat. During the winter months, occupants are warmer, resulting in higher efficiency

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