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TNR Doors Case Study

Location: Barrie, Ontario
Industry: Property Management
Door Model: TNR model HDLH
Challenge: Low headroom, high daily traffic


Five year old condominium has 48 residential units with underground parking. Many retired residents causing very high daily traffic. Original low headroom sectional door was frequently breaking costing several thousands of dollars per year in parts and repairs and frustrating downtime particularly, repeated springs and cable problems.


Door Size (17’ – 0” x 7’ – 0”), one door


The property manager requested quotes for a “good, better, best” solution. TNR’s rubber PARK-KING door was identified as the best solution and came highly recommended by Canadoor Door Systems Inc. who installed the new door, because it fit perfectly into the low-headroom space, it has less moving parts, a more durable “bullet-proof” design and operates faster and quieter than all other doors. The purchase decision was driven primarily by return on investment. Although the rubber door costs roughly twice as much, it is designed to last over 20 years in this tough environment. Reduced annual maintenance costs ensures a favourable payback period that, in the end, made it an easy decision for the board of directors.

This door is specifically designed for underground parking applications and is robust enough to handle millions of cycles! 

Parking garages present the unique challenge of extremely high daily cycles combined with a need for high speed operation and durability. Extended downtime and high maintenance costs are a thing of the past with TNR’s growing line of heavy duty parking garage doors. Facility and property managers need custom door solutions that reduce operational costs and increase reliability.

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