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Loading Dock Systems 

The right loading dock equipment, professionally installed, keeps your business running with efficiency and safety

Loading docks are the gateway to products and materials flowing in and out of your business. Canadoor Door Systems understands how important it is to have the right solution and to ensure it is always working at peak performance. We are equipped to help with all of your loading dock needs. We are committed to supplying the most durable and reliable loading dock products on the market, ensuring that you, our valued customers, receive the best care and quality possible.

Pro-Dock Dock Levellers (Made in Canada)

For over 35 years, Pro-Dock has forged itself an excellent reputation as a loading dock leveler manufacturer in Canada. Thanks to their well thought out design, their loading dock levelers are highly prevalent in the shipping industry. They offer quality products and competitive prices, but above all, it is the way they take care of each of their clients that sets them apart from the competition.

Dock levelers bridge the gap between the warehouse loading dock and trailers during the loading and unloading process. We are providing improved safety, higher productivity, and a loading dock that runs as smoothly as it should. Hydraulic dock levelers are designed to meet the needs of high-volume loading docks to power-assisted dock levelers created for fast-paced moves. We will supply and install a dock leveler that is ideal for a specific operation.

Pro-Dock Trailer restraints 

Vehicle restraints are designed to engage a trailerís rear impact guard and can be mounted to the dock wall, ground or recessed in a pit under the leveler. The safest solution is to make the trailer an extension of the facility by effectively anchoring the container in place. We recommend using a mechanical or powered vehicle restraining system that engages the rear impact guard on the back of the trailer.

Keep the loading dock crew safe by securing the trailer at the loading dock before loading or unloading. Pro-Dock vehicle restraints successfully integrate powerful and effective restraining devices with instantaneous, transparent, non-verbal communication systems for dock operators and drivers. The result is a new level of safety and enhanced productivity on the dock. From vehicle restraints to wheel restraints, we will supply and install the right Pro-Dock solutions to make any loading dock as safe and effective as it can be.

Powered vehicle restraints provide automatic push-button activation with advanced electronics and standard LED communication systems for increased dock safety and security. Driveway or wall-mounted units are available.

PQCE trailer restraint

It is designed to hold the trailer by hooking on to the truck's ICC bar. The spring operated variable carriage goes down on the impact of the container while backing-up. The motorized hook is activated upward by a push-button control box located inside the building and holds the trailer. The PQCE Restraint's Low profile carriage is constructed with sturdy 5/8" steel to resist the trailer's impact and protect the internal mechanism against the elements. The force of the motor is 1/10 hp, 120 volts with reduction, brake and protect's against overloading. Airtight electric control complete with a programmable logic controller to allow the dock operations and the components always operational. A solid steel cover protects the motor and controllers. All PQCE Restraints come with LED interior & exterior communication lights.

Dock seals & dock shelters 

Know the loading dock is safe, dry and energy-efficient with Canadoor dock seals and shelters. The Canadoor brand offers a complete range of seals and shelters, servicing a wide variety of trailer sizes and types. Our seals and shelters keep the elements out of the loading dock area and are an efficient way to cut down on energy costs. The Canadoor line offers a range of products that provide complete durability and efficiency for a variety of dock application needs.Speak to a specialist

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