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This Condo building in Barrie required a solution for their underground parking garage that is used continuously day in day out. Their old sectional type garage door was not meant to handle the enormous amount of cycles required at this opening. With repair bills adding up the board tasked us to find a solution that would provide them with a long lasting and low maintenance door. We worked with TNR Doors to supply and install this HDLH_17X7 - TNR Rubber Roll-Up Door Springless Design. 

This door is specifically designed for underground parking applications and is robust enough to handle millions of cycles! 

Parking garages present the unique challenge of extremely high daily cycles combined with a need for high speed operation and durability. Extended downtime and high maintenance costs are a thing of the past with TNR’s growing line of heavy duty parking garage doors. Facility and property managers need custom door solutions that reduce operational costs and increase reliability.

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