December 23, 2022

Installing a new garage door on old tracks can cause a variety of problems, and is generally not recommended. New installations are always the best option. While some homeowners may think that they can save money and time by installing a new door on old tracks, this is usually not the best idea. 

Common Issues

The first issue is that the existing tracks may not be the right size for the new door. If the tracks are not compatible, then the installation will be more difficult, and it could result in the door not closing or opening properly.  The existing tracks may also be in poor condition, which could lead to further issues down the road. If the old tracks are not in good condition or are unable to support the weight of the new door, then they will need to be replaced. If the old tracks can be used, then the new door must be measured and the tracks must be adjusted to fit the new door.

Another problem with installing a new door on old tracks is that the door may not be properly balanced. Without the proper balance, the door will be difficult to open and close. This could also cause the door to jam or not stay open. 

Finally, installing a new door on old tracks may not allow for proper weatherstripping and trim to be installed. Without the proper weatherstripping, the door will not be properly insulated, which could lead to higher energy bills. Additionally, without the proper trim, the door may not look as attractive. 

Why Hire a Professional?

All of this can be difficult and dangerous to do yourself and may require specialized tools and knowledge. It is often recommended to hire a professional to do this type of job in order to ensure that it is done correctly and safely. 

For these reasons, it is best to install a new garage door on new tracks. This will ensure that the door is properly sized and balanced, and that it has proper weatherstripping and trim. While this may require more time and effort, it will save money in the long run and ensure that the door operates properly for years to come. When replacing the full garage door system, the manufacturer warranty and installing dealer’s warranty will always be consistent with one another and you will be looked after in the event of a failure. 

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