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Do New Garage Doors Add Value to a Home?

Benefits of Garage Door Replacement A garage door replacement can provide excellent value to your home. A new garage door can give your home an updated look and feel, while also increasing its curb appeal. A garage door replacement can [...]

What Kind of Garage Door Opener Do You Need?

There are a few things to consider when you’re in the market for a garage door opener. First and foremost, it is imperative that your garage door opener is professionally installed. Garage door openers are not just a plug and [...]

What Kind of Garage Door Should You Get?

If it’s time to replace your old garage door or if you’re building a home, the kind of garage door you should choose depends on several factors. Generally, the factors you should consider when you’re in the market for a [...]

Choosing the Right Opacity for your Glass Garage Doors (With Sample Images)

Choosing the Right Opacity for your Modern Glass Garage Doors When putting the finishing touches on your contemporary home, a full-view glass panel garage door is hard to beat. Made almost entirely of glass, these doors provide an almost unobstructed [...]

Has Your Garage Door Gone Crooked? (Tips Before Your DIY Fix)

It’s aggravating, to say the least - but a crooked garage is more than just an eyesore. When your garage doesn't sit correctly in place, delaying repairs can cause a number of other problems such as: Increased wear and tear [...]
House with white garage doors

How Much Does a Garage Door Cost to Install?

The cost of installing a garage door can vary considerably based on the type, style, and size of the door you choose. According to Home Depot, the average general cost of purchasing and installing garage doors is around $1,300, with [...]

5 Benefits Of Installing Modern Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Door Benefits If you're considering a new garage door, you may want to consider one that is all glass. Aside from looking amazing, glass garage doors have many benefits, including being low maintenance, energy efficient, and providing enhanced [...]
Luxurious new construction home in Bellevue, WA

How Much Should a Garage Door Cost?

There are several factors that decide what your budget should be when you’re in the market for a new garage door. The cost range for garage doors usually starts from $1200 and goes up all the way to $10,000+. The [...]
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