March 11, 2022

Garage door openers can help make your life a little bit easier. However, with so many options available today, it can be helpful to have some professional guidance to choose the right product for your home.

In this blog, we review everything you need to know about garage door openers to help you make the best choice.

What Types Of Garage Door Openers Are Available?

Garage door openers have evolved with the times and have become much smarter and quieter. You now have the option of using a remote, the traditional visor clip usually reserved for cars, keypads, as well as a keychain style opener and smart openers. At Canadoor, we carry all the major brands including Chamberlain, Clopay, and LiftMaster.

The main types of garage door openers are wall-mount, belt drive, chain drive, and smart openers.

  1. Wall-mount openers free up overhead space to maximize your garage space.
  2. Belt drive openers are strong and almost silent, which makes them a great choice for homes with attached garages.
  3. Chain drive openers are powerful and built to handle heavy and frequently opened doors.

What Are Smart Garage Door Openers?

An iphone displays the myQ App

Smart garage door openers are the latest and greatest invention for techies – or anyone that appreciates the easiest and most streamlined experience available.

Apps like myQ, and having a wi-fi-enabled opener and camera installed on your garage door, can allow you to open and view your garage door remotely, receive notifications, and even allow deliveries to be made right inside your garage with your permission.

Why Should I Buy My Garage Door Opener From Canadoor Instead Of A Big-Box Retailer?

We get asked this question a lot, and we are really happy to answer it!

First of all, we think it’s very important to note that the garage door openers available at big-box retailers like Canadian Tire or Home Hardware are not the same ones that you get from a professional, like Canadoor.

At Canadoor, we only sell the professional series models, while big-box stores can only sell the base products. This means that the quality, the warranties, and the aftercare are vastly different.

What’s also very important to note is that, when you purchase from us, you have access to a professional installer and technician for support or repairs after installation.

Our technicians serve clients across Ontario and are available 24/7 for support when and if you need it. Isn’t it just nice to speak to an actual person when you need help?

What Is The Best Garage Door Opener For My Home?

A lovely sage coloured home with detailed and modern garage doors and a black truck in the driveway

With so many options available, including battery backup and many advanced security features, it can be overwhelming to decide which garage door opener is right for you.

Our technicians are experts in this area and they can help you determine which opener is best for your needs. They have hands-on experience with the best products and can make recommendations based on their experience in helping many, many customers.

You could try spending hours upon hours barrelling down a Google rabbit hole on this one, or you can contact us and we’d be more than happy to help you.

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