August 10, 2022

Residents across Simcoe County, from the bustling cityscape of Barrie to the tranquil waterside communities in Innisfil, are no strangers to the challenges of home maintenance, particularly when it comes to garage door gaps. These gaps, which can appear between the door panels, floor, wall, or ceiling, are a common symptom of wear and tear in the region’s varied climate. In this blog post, we delve into the specifics of addressing these gaps, tailoring our advice to the unique environmental conditions of Simcoe County and its surrounding towns like Collingwood, Orillia, and Midland.

Tackling Garage Door Gaps in Simcoe County

In areas such as Wasaga Beach or New Tecumseth, garage door gaps can lead to a host of issues, from letting in harsh winter winds to providing entry points for local wildlife, including the persistent mice known to roam the region. We’ll guide you through fixing these gaps to safeguard your garage against these common Simcoe County nuisances.

Effective Steps to Seal Your Garage Door in Simcoe County

  1. Upgrade Weatherstripping: Weatherstripping is essential in Simcoe County’s climate. The rubber or vinyl seal at the bottom of your door is your first defense against the cold snaps in Clearview or the humid summers in Bradford. Regular inspections for wear and prompt replacements are crucial.
  2. Assess Your Garage Floor: The integrity of your floor is vital for a proper seal. In areas like Essa or Severn, where ground settlement can be an issue, inspect for any unevenness or damage. Simcoe County’s diverse terrain, from the rocky shores of Georgian Bay to the flat farmlands in Oro-Medonte, can impact your garage floor’s levelness.
  3. Fix the Garage Door Threshold Seal: DIY aficionados in towns like Penetanguishene and Ramara can tackle replacing the threshold seal themselves. Ensure you select a type that suits the local climate conditions and your specific door model.
  4. Adjust the Limit Switches: Simcoe County’s garage doors, whether in the historic streets of Elmvale or the growing suburbs of Cookstown, may require limit switch adjustments over time. Consulting a local expert is recommended for precise and safe tuning.


Simcoe County-Specific FAQs

  • Should a Simcoe County garage door have a gap at the bottom? No, properly installed doors in our area should be gap-free.
  • Sealing a Garage Door on Uneven Floors: In Simcoe County, with its varied terrain, specialized weather seals might be necessary for uneven floors.
  • Cost of Sealing a Garage Door: Costs in Simcoe County range based on factors like door size and gap severity, but expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.
  • Crooked Garage Door Closures: Common issues in our region, like damaged torsion springs or lift cables, require professional assessments, especially considering the diverse garage door styles found throughout Simcoe County.

Interior of a clean garage in a house

Act Now on Garage Door Gaps in Simcoe County

For homeowners from Stayner to Beeton, addressing garage door gaps is crucial for preserving both the efficiency and structural integrity of your home. Tackling these issues, whether it’s a straightforward weatherstrip replacement or more intricate floor adjustments, is imperative. Our local Simcoe County experts are on standby to assist. Remember, proactive maintenance is key to avoiding larger issues in the future.

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