September 28, 2022

If it’s time to replace your old garage door or if you’re building a home, the kind of garage door you should choose depends on several factors. Generally, the factors you should consider when you’re in the market for a garage door depend on the following: climate/weather, noise, design, and of course, price. 

Garage doors of luxury home.

However, the most important decision to make when you’re in the market for a garage door is to choose the right garage door dealership with certified technicians and installers. Choosing the right professionals for your installation is of the utmost importance since 70% of the manufacturing process of a garage door happens directly within your garage.

Once you select the company that you feel comfortable with and are confident in, a product specialist will work with you to narrow down your search from the millions of configurable options available to you. The panel type, the type of insulation you use, and even the rollers need to be carefully decided before deciding the type of garage door you’d like to have installed in your house. For example, detached garage doors do not need the best insulation or garage door rollers since noise and temperature regulation are not usually the primary concern. 

Your product specialist will consult with you to ensure that our budget, style preferences, and colour choice are all taken into account before you make a purchase. They’ll get to know how the garage doors will be used by you and your family to best direct you to the most functional garage door that fits your budget and your style. 

Generally, the most popular models of garage doors are the Classic collection. This collection is tailored to homeowners who prefer a classic and traditional garage door look. 

Carriage house garage doors have become very popular, as well. This garage door style provides a significant degree of curb appeal thanks to its premium feel and ability to work well with many home designs. 

The demand for Modern garage doors is increasing, as well. If carriage house garage doors don’t suit you, this collection is a great alternative. This collection also boasts high design adaptability and looks amazing on a variety of homes. 

As previously mentioned, there are several factors to consider apart from design. Your product specialist will consider how much of a noise level you and your family are willing to tolerate with a garage door. The types of rollers you choose (as discussed in this blog post) as well as the type of insulation you choose for your garage door significantly influence the level of noise that comes from your garage. 

Of course, you can depend on Canadoor Garage Doors to choose the peripherals for your new garage door. Our technicians deliver a level of service and expertise that has won us many accolades and distinctions. We are committed to providing value-driven residential and commercial garage door solutions. Contact us today if you’re looking to install a new garage door, or if you need some advice on what kind of garage door you should get.

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