March 20, 2023

Residents of Simcoe County, Ontario, including those in Barrie, Orillia, and Collingwood, are currently facing higher prices for garage doors, a trend seen across several other towns in the area like Innisfil, Midland, and Wasaga Beach. Several factors unique to our region and the current global climate are influencing these costs:

  1. Supply Chain Disruptions in Simcoe County: The COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted global supply chains, affecting the availability of materials and parts essential for manufacturing garage doors. This challenge is felt across Simcoe County, from the bustling city centers to quieter towns like Bradford and New Tecumseth, leading to increased costs for manufacturers which, in turn, are passed on to consumers.
  2. Heightened Demand in Local Markets: With more people in Simcoe County spending time at home due to pandemic restrictions, there’s been a surge in home improvement projects. Communities such as Clearview, Severn, and Oro-Medonte are witnessing a higher demand for garage door upgrades, which naturally drives up prices.
  3. Labor Shortages in the Garage Door Industry: Manufacturers in the garage door industry, serving areas like Adjala-Tosorontio and Ramara, might be facing labor shortages due to the pandemic. This impacts production capabilities and, as a result, contributes to higher costs.
  4. Rising Shipping and Transportation Costs: For towns like Elmvale, Penetanguishene, and Essa in Simcoe County, the increase in transportation costs is a non-negligible factor. The disruption in the shipping industry affects the cost of getting garage doors to these locations, adding to the overall price for the end consumer.

In summary, the residents of Simcoe County, from Cookstown to Stayner and beyond, are experiencing the cumulative effect of these factors leading to the current high cost of garage doors. It’s a complex situation rooted in both local and global challenges.